Genereal Aftercare


Your install may feel slightly tight, so its important that you do not wear your hair in a tight high pony for approximately 2 days. Its preferable to wear a loose low pony until the hair starts to settle. 

It is advised to not wear any weave extension install in a high pony on a regular basis, as this can cause tension and sore patches.


Make sure to use a paraben and sulphate free shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair LA Weave, Micro Links, and Weave installs. 

Tape Ins: Do not shampoo, wet hair or exercise to the point of perspiration for 48 hours after application as the bond needs adequate time to cure. No exceptions.

For clients with oily or very soft hair it is recommended to use clarifying shampoo. You should wash the scalp only and allow the lather to flow through when you rinse your hair. This helps prevent any slipping of the micro rings by removing excess oils. Never tie your hair extensions up when wet, as this will cause matting.

Do not apply conditioner to the root area, always avoid the weft, rings and tapes as this can cause the rings/tapes to loosen and slip. Apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends only and comb through using a wide tooth comb, do not attempt to comb hair above the rings.  Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to keep hair in optimum condition and make sure too rinse thoroughly. Gently squeeze out excess water and pat with a clean towel.


Use serums or oil daily or when you feel the hair is looking dry and dull. Aim to brush the extensions in the morning and before bed using a tangle teaser or a wide bristle brush. Please avoid using bobble ended brushes with your hair extensions as this can cause damage to the hair. Great products to use are Moroccan or Argon oil) as well as daily conditioners. 

Always brush your extensions from the ends of the hair working your way upwards, always hold your hair the doing so to prevent tension, tugging and pulling on your roots.


Always use heat defence when blowdrying and styling your extensions.

It's best to dry your hair in sections. Dry the hair row by row by starting from the bottom and making sure the rest of the hair is pinned away. Make sure you have applied leave in conditioner, heat defence and serum and comb through with a wide tooth comb. Start blowdrying on the low setting until dry using a hair extension brush, work from ends to the top of the weft. Repeat this with every row until the whole hair is dry. 

Try not to overly use heat straighteners.


Before going to bed, brush the extensions through so that its tangle free. Plait the hair in a loose braid or low ponytail or loose bun and either use a sleep bonnet or a silk scarf to protect the hair from frizz and dryness whilst you sleep. The bonnets will help keep the ends of the hair moist throughout the night. Never sleep without protecting your crown! 


Do not colour your hair extensions, this should be avoided. Colour can damage the hair. If you need to colour your own hair to match the hair extensions it is advised that you colour your hair first, or wait at least 2 weeks after install and only colour the parting and edges. You MUST completely avoid the extensions.


Always tie your hair back out of the way. Wash hair after as oils can build up in the hair. 


Wrap your hair in a towel or a hair turban to avoid dryness to the hair extensions. Do not overuse the Sauna/Steam rooms. 


When travelling abroad you will have to really take extra care with the extensions. The excessive heat exposure, sea salt and chlorinated pools, will essentially dry out our natural hair and it is exactly the same for your hair extensions. All these factors can shorten the lifespan of your extensions and cause them to dry out. Use leave in conditioner to help combat the drying effects of the sun.

When using the pool place your hair in a bun or use a sun hat to protect your crown. Always wash the chlorine out thoroughly at the end of the day.

Avoid swimming and salty water as this can cause your hair extensions to dry out as well as discolour the extensions. You can swim, just make sure your hair is tied up out off the way.

Clients with coloured hair are recommended to use a clear hair oil as opposed to Argon / Moroccan Oil due to it being orange in colour, combined with the heat and sun exposure this can also change the extension colour. No responsibility/liability will be accepted for problems arising when clients go on holiday wearing extensions so take extra care protecting them!


I can not stress enough how important it is to keep to your refit times. You must come back to me for maintenance every 6-8 weeks. Any loose rings will be tightened, any loose stitching will be secured and the hair will be trimmed and styled. 

You can remove your install no later than 8 weeks after the install, this is important especially if you do not want to proceed with a refit/maintenance. 

DO NOT leave your hair extensions in longer than 8 weeks as this can cause damage and excessive tangling to your own hair as well as the extensions. 

Tape Extensions:

Tape hair extensions require regular maintenance appointments to keep them in great condition. Your own hair can grow by approximately 1-2 inches within a month, meaning your extensions will move down as your own hair naturally grows. I recommend booking your maintenance appointment no later than 6 weeks after application.

DO NOT  leave your tape extensions in for longer than 6-8 weeks as this will cause damage to your natural hair as well as your extensions.

Please DO NOT attempt to adjust or remove your extensions yourself, please let a professional remove them for you.

Tape hair extensions are completely reusable and can be reused for up to 6 months depending on aftercare.


Use professional hair products recommended by your stylist. Do not use high street products they must be quality professional products. 

Avoid natural products as they contain too much protein, which is bad for extension maintenance. Any volume, repair or protein products are not suitable.

Professional aftercare products