How to care for your wigs & hair extensions the right way


- Wash the hair regularly at least once a week with a deep condition.

- Protect your hair at night with a silk scarf or silk bonnet.

- Always place your wig units on a wig stand for longevity.

- Make sure your cornrows are either small or medium so your wigs can sit flat.



- Use heavy oils or any type of grease on your hair extensions and wigs.

- Cut the wefts of the hair as this will cause the hair to shed.

- Over process the hair with bleach.


1. Always use a paddle brush to brush out the hair before washing. 

2. Rinse or soak in luke warm water.

3. Massage GENTLY with shampoo. Make sure you massage from the weft downwards. 

4. Rinse with luke warm water then towel dry.

5. Massage a reasonable amount of conditioner in the same way as step 4.

6. Use a paddle brush or wide tooth comb to comb through the hair. 

7. Leave the conditioner on for 30 mins to an hour then rinse. (for a smoother finish, put them in a very thin sandwich bag, soak it in conditioner and microwave for 2-3 minutes)

8. After rinsing, towel dry the hair.

9. For better results air dry the hair. Try not to use too much heat.


1. Always use a paddle brush or wide tooth comb from the tips upwards to detangle. 2. When using straighteners try and use the lowest setting.

3. Always section your hair when styling with straighteners, and take your time. 

4. Use a light serum when applying, as too much can weigh the hair down. 

5. Only apply serum to the hair if necessary, as the hair will still look its best without it.


- Tresemme Shampoo (All types)

- Tresemme Conditioners (All Types)

- Argan Secret Hair Oil (Sally Salon Services)

- Hair Expertise Argan Oil (Superdrug)

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