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10 Reasons Why LA Weave aka Braidless Weave Is One Install To Try.

  1. Quick Install:

Compared to a traditional install such as a leave out or closure install, LA Weave can be installed in half the time. Traditional weaves could take anything from 3hrs or more, whereas LA weave can take 45 mins-2hrs depending on how many rows the client requests.

2. Easy to maintain:

The wefts are applied row by row, leaving some of your own hair out. This will allow you to go in between the rows and get to your scalp if need be.

3. Natural fitting:

When having extensions fitted always have them applied by a certified specialist who knows what they are doing. A specialist will apply the extensions seamlessly, which will enable the install to look like your very own, especially if the correct hair texture is used in conjunction with your own hair. You can wear the install in various ways, such as in a high pony, centre and side partings.

4. Longer length:

If you simply want longer luscious hair then this install is for you. It will really give you your desired length. You can go from 12" to 18" in less than 2hrs, how amazing is that! No need to wait patiently for your own hair to grow when you can simply let the technician work their magic.

5. Creates volume:

Some tend to go for this install to create more volume, they may not necessarily want longer hair but just want to create volume around the length that they do already have.

6. Heat and glue free:

LA Weave does not use any heat or glue when applying the extensions. The only tools used are micro rings, a clamp and the weft extensions.

7. No plaiting:

There is not pulling at the scalp from braiding. The weft is applied using micro rings to clamp your hair in between the ring. A sewing needle with thread is then pulled through your hair at the root over the ring and weft to secure the weft in place.

8. Reusable hair extensions:

After you have had the hair extensions applied, 4 weeks later you can return to the salon for a maintenance up keep. After 6-8 weeks you will be due for a refit. The amazing thing about this install is that you can reuse the same hair extensions for the next refit, which will save you money from buying a new set of hair.

9. Removal:

This install can be removed in less than 3o minutes safely and very easily.

10. Suitable for Afro Caribbean & Caucasian hair types:

LA Weave is not just for Caucasian hair types but it is also suitable for women with Afro hair textures. These days hair suppliers are supplying hair that have more texture to help match different hair textures.

If your still wondering if this install is for you, please get in touch with the salon to book a consultation to discuss any burning questions you may have. The salon has different textures available for you to see and touch quality of the hair.

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