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How To Wash Human Hair Wigs

Wearing human hair wigs can come with its challenges, one of them being the laundry side of things. Here I am going to share with you my tips on how to wash your wig and bring it back to life.

  1. Always detangle the unit using a wide tooth comb or a detangle brush. To make it easier, try and section the hair into smaller sections to make sure you take each section.

2. When shampooing & conditioning, I tend to go for TreSemme or Garnier products. These products will help Smooth the hair and help with detangling. If there is a lot of product build up, I would wash all the product out first. You will know once the water left over becomes clearer.

3. I would then soak the wig in hot water with three lid measurements of Apple Cider Vinegar. I would leave it there for about 10-15 mins. This will help strip any other left over build up left in the hair. It gives it a nice deep cleanse.

4. I would then rinse the ACV out and wash again with shampoo about 2-3 times and then add conditioner then rinse thoroughly.

5. Drain the wig with a clean towel by placing the unit within the towel and twist out any excess water. Then apply conditioner and comb through.

6. If I an not in a hurry, I would normally air dry my unit over night in a airing cupboard. If I was in a hurry then I would place the unit on a wig stand, section my parting with ORS Olive Oil hair mousse and place a silk head scarf over the top and place the unit under a hooded dryer.

7. Once the unit has fully dried, I will spray heat defence/protector all over the wig and blow-dry on medium heat.

8. I would add a small amount of heat defence serum (you don't need too much as a small bit will go a long way) all over the unit and quickly blow-dry the serum out to spread evenly on to the unit.

9. Then make sure you section the hair, I tend to section the hair row by row. Depending on the style I would either straighten in or pin curl it for volume. I would normally curl it as I love a luscious bouncy url.

10. For a lovely finish I would go over the unit with ORS oil hair sheen, which smells divine! My clients love this product too.

If you struggle to make time to keep up with maintenance, you can always send your units to the salon and I can have these revamped in no time. You can book this through my booking system, also you can send in more than one and save some pounds too!

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