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Love Wearing Synthetic Wigs During Lockdown.

Even though the salon has been closed for some time now, I am actually enjoying wearing my premium synthetic wigs during lockdown 3.0. The wigs have helped so much as I don't have to do anything to them but put them on the wig stand and brush through them slightly the next morning as and when I need them. They are so handy for Zoom meetings/ parties, it just takes seconds to transform my look and look presentable for my meetings.

With synthetic wigs you do not have to tong or curl them even though these wigs can take low heat, as with human hair the hair can become unkept very easily which would result in you sectioning the hair and styling it.

As we are on Lockdown, the last thing you want to do is style your hair when you can just put on a unit that is ready to go in less the time. They have honestly been a God send for me. The best part is people think they are human hair as the quality is just so amazing. My clients love them and swear by them, they can not believe that it is synthetic hair.


May favourite is the Naomi unit! She's gorgeous on, the curls are really soft and sits just like human hair. I'm not really one to wear lengths longer than 20" but this 28" unit has really got feeling myself. I just love her, she's great for the Zoom parties.

I love the Zara unit, she's just great for the work meetings on Zoom. Zara will make you feel classy and sophisticated. The unit comes in black with beautiful brown highlights. You won't feel like its heavy but rather its very light on, it also comes in a breathable cap that will allow ventilation to the scalp.

The benefits of synthetic hair are that they are very low to maintain. They are very much cheaper than human hair extensions. These wigs will transform your bad hair day within seconds, they are also very easy to put on an adjust if need be for a perfect fit.

I have a range of premium synthetic wigs available on my website, where you will also find Naomi and Zara.

To purchase my premium synthetic wigs head over to my website to check out the range available.

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