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One On One Private Salon Experience

Hair 2 The Throne is a hair extension studio that provide services in various hair extension methods such as LA Weave, Micro Rings, Tape, Weave on, wig making and bridal styling. The studio operates as a one on one private service, which means clients get to experience a bespoke service just for them. As one of my clients you will have the salon all to yourself, I will be your personable stylist helping you to achieve your amazing transformation.

As soon as you enter the studio, you will be welcomed by me the owner of Hair 2 The Throne. (COVID rules will still be in place) I will show you were to hang your coat and store your belongings. Your chosen refreshments will be ready waiting for you as this will have been pre ordered upon booking. You will be taken straight to your seat and gowned then straight away your appointment will begin.

There will be relaxed music in the background, alternatively you can request a play list of your choice. The atmosphere will be a calmed, candle lit environment with unlimited refreshments.

Depending on how you want your service to go, we can either have a lovely conversation or you can request for a silent service. Also not to worry as whats said in the salon stays in the salon, your conversation will be dealt with in strict confidence. The silent service enables you to enjoy your appointment in peace, please feel free to select this service as I will not be offended at all. Take this time to really relax, or catch up with some work on your laptop. The choice is really yours. I do not offer walk ins, so your appointment will not be disturbed by other clients. Each client will have their own slots which means you will not be left waiting whilst I am finishing off the last client. The studio is also designed for privacy, all my windows are frosted off, so nobody can see inside but we can see whats happening from the inside. The studio is located in a community surrounded by other independent businesses that offer a variety of services such as restaurants, cafes, gallery and more , so you could always visit them before or after your service.

I strive to make sure the schedule is running smoothly and on time, so I ask clients to work with me by keeping to their scheduled appointment by arriving promptly.

My aim is to make sure you really enjoy your hair salon experience, especially after the year or so we have all had to endure. I love going above and beyond in whatever I do, always making sure you feel welcomed, happy and comfortable.

I would be happy to welcome you to the family of all my lovely clients. If you would like to get in touch with me to learn more about the services I have to offer please feel free to contact me here.

If your wanting some long lasting bouncy luxurious hair extensions, do get in touch and lets book you in. You can book your private appointment with me here.

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