The Salon Experience

Do you still find it annoying going to the hair salon? Do you find that it just takes up most of your day? Or how about as soon as you walk in, you find that all eyes are on you (including the barbers and their male clients) only to find that the stylists/owner has an attitude before you can even hang up your coat?.

I used to hate going to the hair salon, they would never style it the way I wanted and I would be too scared to tell them that I didn't like it. I was in my early teens when I used to visit hair salons. I always tried to make sure I would get there first thing Saturday mornings in the hope of getting out in time to hit the shops before they closed for the day. The reality is, I would always end up leaving the salon probably about 6 hours later or even more in some cases depending on the style I was having. Sometimes it was not because of the style but because the stylist would like to play the role of multitasking, either eating, being on her phone or doing three other clients at the same time. My experience was not fun at all, do not even get me started with sitting under the hair dryer thing, especially when your hair has finally dried and they continue to leave you there 20 minutes more!

I remember my very last visit to the salon (many years ago) I vowed to myself that if I ever open up my own salon, I would never run it like the salons we see on the high streets.

Fast forwarding to today, I can happily say I have finally opened my wig and hair extension studio and its approaching three years since opening. I specialise in wigs and hair extension installation services. I offer glueless wig making and installing services, bridles weave extensions, micro ring extensions, weave installations, crochet braids and bridal hair styling. I offer a private service to my clients where its by appointment only. I have designed it in a way where it is not like your average salon, with lace curtains for extra privacy, cosy cushions, scented candles with relaxing background music. The studio is very cosy and welcoming, I offer treats and beverages to make my clients feel welcome and at home. I believe in offering great customer service as its very important that the client feels valued. I am the only member of staff, so everything is done by me and only me. My clients will always have my undivided attention at all times. I make the effort to listen to their needs in the hope of delivering every time. I also offer clients a consultation service to discuss their hair needs or any issues they may have before they book their initial appointment with me. This also helps to break the ice, so that I can get to know what my client likes and dislikes.

Aftercare service is always offered to help with up keeping and maintenance. I am always at hand when they need me for advice and I am willing to help to the best that I can. As the studio runs by appointment only, this will benefit the client in so many ways as it can allow you to plan your day accordingly. I do not believe in wasting your time, so depending on the type of hair treatment, clients will be in the studio a maximum of three hours at a time. I always tell people you get what you pay for, so spend wisely. Look for a stylist, who is trained, professional, good listener, clean, knowledgable and caring to your needs. For less hassle and a stress free experience, try a different approach when looking for a reliable hair stylist and invest wisely.


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