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Why You Will Love LA Weave

LA Weave is also known as Braidless Weave, Bradiless Weft, Celebrity Weave the names just go on. This method is amazing as it just sits so much flatter than most weave methods were used to such as the braided weft. It can last up to 3 months depending on the clients hair growth pattern. LA Weave is applied using tiny micro rings, the same ones you would use for a Micr Ring extension application. The clients hair is fed through the rings using a weave loop tool, it is then clamped down using weave pliers. The rings are places in a curved line from ear to ear. The wefted hair extensions are the sewn on top of the rings. It is reccommended that clients come back to the salon for tightening every 6 weeks. Some clients tend to leave this longer than 6 weeks and end up having a refit due to lack of maintenance at home.

LA Weave looks so beautiful and natural once fitted. They look even more amazing when the right colour and texture of the hair match the clients very own. The curls just give it that glam finish, great for a lovely night out with the girls or on date night. Its very easy to maintain, and you can wear this style in various ways such as a high pony, half uphill down. You can wear the parting in various ways too, its such a great classy style.

Thinking of having LA Weave and not sure how to go about it, not to worry just get in touch. Book a FREE consultation with me and lets discuss your options. Book here for a consultation

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