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Client Consultation Is Always Key

I believe a client consultation is vital as its the very first stage of building a relationship with the client and the customer. For me this is where I am able to bud their trust as we go through which of their problems needs solving, and if I am the person for the job.

When it comes to my clients, I am very transparent in letting them know if I can carry out a service that they are requesting.

Its always a great idea to have a hair consultation before agreeing to a fitting. My hair consultations are free of charge and tend to last 15 - 30 minutes. This enables me to determine whether the client is best suited for the hair method that they are interested in having. I will ask questions about the kind of lifestyle that they lead, such as going to the gym, swimming or not great with hair maintenance. I specialise in Hair Extension fittings such as Micro Rings, Micro Weft, Braidless Weave aka LA Weave, Tape In, Naked Weave, Custom Lace Wigs and much more. Each method have their own specifications and may not tailer to each clients needs, so in this case a consultation will help me come to a better decision.

During the consultation I explain the method and its benefits as-well as the aftercare process and what type of products to use. My goal is to find out what the client's desire is, does she want volume, length or both?

I will assess the clients natural hair condition and also colour match them if she needs extensions. If the hair is weak or damaged, I would advise the client that the hair extensions could go on to cause further damage, therefore the service will not be suitable at this time.

Before booking the client in for her fitting, we both must come to an agreement on the method, length, colour required and the price. A consultation form will be carried out where the client must agree to the terms and conditions, as well as declaring any health issues that can result in the service not being carried out. Health issues that could prevent the applications of extensions are breakage or damage to the roots, Eczema on the scalp, Cancer treatment, head lice, greasy or oily hair to name a few. Once the client signs, the service is then scheduled for a suitable date for the hair extensions to be applied.

Thinking of having having hair extensions and not sure how to go about it, not to worry just get in touch.

Book a FREE consultation with me and lets discuss your options. Book here for a consultation

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