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Why You Should Be Sleeping With Your Bonnet

So why wear a Silk Bonnet?

There are many reasons as to why we must wear silk bonnets at night. Just imagine, our hair goes through so much during the day and its essential that whilst your sleeping your hair is also being taken care of. Silk bonnets are such a great style protector for all hair types.

Let me share the benefits of wearing a silk bonnet and how it can help keep your hair healthy whilst sleeping.

1. Hydrated Hair

Satin bonnets keep your hair hydrated. If you continue to sleep on cotton pillows, you will find that it tends to dry out your hair from roots to tip.

2. Hair Protection

If you’re a rough sleeper, someone who likes to toss and turn whilst sleeping then a silk bonnet is for you. It will help protect your hair against the friction between your hair and the cotton pillow, which essentially causes dryness and split ends. The bonnet will cause no friction to your hair but rather protect the structure of your strands, an overall great protection at night.

3. Retaining Moisture

The silk bonnets do not absorb water or oil the same way that cotton pillows do, as moisture is actually retained whilst wearing the bonnet. Retaining oils within the cap will help with your hair’s longevity during the night.

4. Prevents Tangles

The bonnet will leave your hair intact throughout the night, which will prevent it fron tangling and costing you time in the morning trying to detangle it.

5. Less Split Ends

Sleeping with a silk bonnet can prevent your hair from splitting more frequently if you were to continue to sleep on a cotton pillow. The bonnet will slowly help repair your split ends by nourishing them whilst you sleep as there is hardly any friction taking place.

6. Saves Money

Surprisingly silk bonnets can actually save you money, this is because you’re having to do less co-washing and spending so much on products to keep your crown hydrated. As mentioned previously, the bonnets help keep your crown hydrated so there is no need to treat your hair as often as you would and spend so much having to do so.

7. Prevents Dandruff

Dry scalp leads to dandruff. One perfect solution to keep this under control is using the bonnet. The silk bonnet will keep your scalp nourished and moisturised throughout the night.

So in a nutshell a Silk Bonnet is a must have, as it has so much great benefits to help protect your crown whilst you sleep. Its essential that we give our crown the love and attention that it needs, even if we are just asleep. If you have not found the right fit for you, try out this luxury bonnet you will never find it on the side of your bed when you wake up.

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