Silent Service 

The silent service are for clients that simply just want to get their hair extensions or wigs fitted in perfect peace. Some clients find going to the salon daunting as they feel that they may have keep up with the small talk. 

At Hair 2 The Throne you do not have to worry about small talk. Feel free to sit back and just relax. 


During this service you can:

  • Relax

  • Read a book/magazine

  • Scroll on your phone

  • Bring in your laptop & work from the studio. 

The choice is completely yours!

Don't worry, I will respect your quiet time and only ask the necessary question such as, how you want to style your hair? 

Please Note:

Once your booking has been confirmed an email will be sent to ask if you require a Silent Service and to also choose from our Sip 'N' Snacks menu. 

Image by Kristina Flour