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Hair Extension Training Academy 

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Fully insured and accredited 

Braidless (LA) Weave, Tape & Micro Ring Extensions 

An accredited 1:1 Hair Extensions Training typically covers an extensive curriculum, often including:


1. Hair Extension Types:

Understanding various types—tape-in, clip-in, fusion, etc.—their applications, and suitability for different hair textures.

2. Product Quality Assessment:

Learning to evaluate hair quality, sourcing reputable suppliers, and ensuring ethical practices.

3. Client Consultation:

Mastering the art of client communication, assessing needs, color matching, and recommending suitable extensions.

4. Installation Techniques:

Hands-on training in proper extension installation, removal, and maintenance methods.

5. Business and Legal Aspects:

Understanding business setup, legal requirements, pricing strategies, and client contracts.

6. Hygiene and Safety:

Ensuring proper sanitation, hygiene practices, and safety protocols during the extension process.

 And more...

Accredited programs often provide in-depth knowledge, practical experience, and certification upon completion, ensuring credibility within the industry.

At the end of your training you will:

  • Receive an accreditation certificate that will allow you to set up your business

  • Training Kit

  • Discount on ABT insurance 

  • Discount on our Trade account 

  • Ongoing support 

  • 10|% off mentoring programme

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